tri-spindle boring machine
  turning part
  diesel engine line
  Belt Conveyor
  Roller Conveyor
  Chain Board Conveyor
  Incline Conveyor
  Mesh Board Conveyor
  Weighing Conveyor
  Fruit & Vegetable Machine
  Packing Machine
  Electronic Assembling Workbench
  Ink Jet Printer
  Parts (Rollers)
  Aluminum Framing
  Roller Track
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Dalian Yueda line Equipment Co,. Ltd
  Dalian Yueda Line Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Dalian Development Zone.
  The company faces domestic and international users; offer the television, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, water heater, and building materials trade, food trade industry assembly line and spraying equipment. Fruit and vegetable processing line is our new aim in the developing market in China. We have co-operated with a very famous fruit processing Company SOMMA for many years, which located in Italy. We have design the fruit washing, waxing, heating & grading machine special suitable in China.
  The products of our company pursue quality and service, it is a consistent aim of our company to serve user. Not merely offer the high-quality products to user, offer the good after-sale service to user even more. Our company observes contracts and keeps promise, modern techniques, and quality first. The designing quality of the products is reliable, handsome in appearance, rationally distributed, easy to operate, meet the demand for user’s production technology. We wish to make joint efforts with the friends of all trades and professions the ones that created industrial automation are new.
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